The Eureka Trail

Surviving the Trail One Step At A Time

It's 1850. You and your caravan are hoping to strike it rich by surviving the Westward trek to Eureka, California during the height of the gold rush. Test your wits and fitness by taking steps in the real world, earning money for supplies, hunting for food, tending animals, and avoiding dysentery, thieves, and other trail challenges. Remember, each step you and your caravan members take brings you closer to Eureka where you can stake your claim to Gold and assured fortune!

Key Features


Your survival depends on the steps you take in the real world


Journey together with your family and friends, from generation to generation


Decide what to bring and who to leave behind


Play with different roles and unique challenges

Begin your Westward Trek!

Choose a role

Play as one of 10 unique roles including: Wagon Master, Doctor, Hunter, and Horse Thief. Each role comes with its own personality, skills, and inventory.

Play with friends

It's dangerous to go alone! Invite your friends and family. Nudge them if they are slowing you down.

Don't forget to walk

Survival depends on making it to the next checkpoint. Your caravan's fame and fortune depend on reaching the Eureka boomtown early, so get moving! 

Our Team

Derek Hansen

Creative Director

Andrew Thibaudeau

Fullstack Developer

Camilla Clark

Game and UX Designer

Tevin Stewart

Technical Lead

Aatish Neupane

Lead Backend Developer

Spencer Tuft

Lead Mobile Developer

Minami Ford

Writer & Artist

Audrey Snyder

Writer & UX Designer

Jamie Fjerstad

Visual Designer

Connor Elliott

Software Developer

Nathaniel Wasden

Music and Sound Composer

Kainalu Barino

Project Manager

Lily Stice

Web Developer


Special thanks to Gary Stone and The National Oregon/California Trail Center
for the permission to pixelate and use various paintings for our game graphics.

We are actively seeking additional sponsors.
If you are interested, please email the for details.